Due to our products' superior quality and distinctive flavor, they consistently capture new markets and earn recognition from both our customers and their consumers.

Our smoked products are crafted using only genuine smoke and natural wood shavings from oak, beech, or alder. This imparts a unique and authentic flavor and color to our smoked products.

We use advanced equipment from well-known brands for the production of our products. Thanks to close cooperation with our European partners, we are able to automate the production process and enhance the quality of our products.

We utilize cutting-edge vacuum packaging technology to preserve the taste, appearance, and prolong the shelf life of our products. We also place a high value on maintaining strict control over the storage and transportation conditions to ensure that our products remain consistently fresh and flavorful throughout the entire supply chain.


up to 120 days

boiled-smoked products

up to 180 days

smoked raw products

We adhere to high standards of sanitation and hygiene in our production facilities. We maintain stringent sanitary and hygiene standards in our production facility. Continuous monitoring of production areas, use of professional cleaning agents, and state-of-the-art equipment for thorough cleaning and disinfection ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety for our products.