The Kaliningrad region has always been a leader in the development and implementation of attractive investment projects. European knowledge and technologies, proximity to international experts, favorable climatic conditions, and support from the local government have allowed for the development of a full-cycle meat industry and the achievement of high-quality meat products that have gained recognition not only in Russia but also worldwide.

Our company is positioned in the middle of the meat processing chain and specializes in delicatessen products based on recipes that have been refined over the years in large European productions and passed on to us with adapted tastes and technologies for the Russian market.

We constantly invest in the development of our production to satisfy the tastes and needs of our customers.

Investments allow us to apply for the status of a Resident of a Special Economic Zone and take advantage of the benefits:

Exemption from property tax

Exemption from profit tax

Payments to funds from payroll are 6.5 times lower

Compensation for customs duties

paid on imported components (raw materials, spices, auxiliary materials).

The presence of a seaport in Kaliningrad allows us to develop export markets, benefiting from logistics incentives, zero-rated VAT on customs, transaction insurance, and other financial and non-financial support in the region.

We express our gratitude to our partners and are open to collaboration!